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HotPMO is now an RPA UiPath Delivery Partner

We at HotPMO have some exciting news. We have achieved Silver status in UiPath’s delivery partner program! UiPath is the leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company, and the partner program recognizes partners as experts in supporting and delivering RPA solutions that drive real transformational outcomes for customers.

Over the past few years, HotPMO has evolved from a website featuring occasional blog-posts to an established London-based PMO Consultancy. We work with organizations and support them with strategic planning, portfolio prioritization, and PMO strategy. We provide training and 1:2:1 coaching for PMO professionals and those who sponsor them.

Passionate about simplification and automation

HotPMO believes that the role of the PMO is to reduce the amount of effort required to get the right things done. When we work with organizations, we look to instill Portfolio and PMO processes which are effective, whilst making optimal use of the people power embedded in the business. It makes sense to automate the repeatable processes as much as we can.

Most PMO teams already do this, to a greater or lesser extent. They strive to make processes repeatable and easy enough for junior members of the team to follow. They use Excel macros to expedite processes and invoke simple scripts to produce roll-up reports. Some will even hire expensive PPM consultants to customize their Project and Portfolio Management toolset in order to achieve the desired outcome.

But none of these options are wholly satisfactory. Excel macros have a habit of becoming unwieldy and understood by only a single person. PPM development can lead to organizations being tied to restrictive processes for years, as the cost of restructuring PPM tools becomes prohibitive. And our junior staff – the PMO rock-stars of the future find themselves doing little more than generating manual reports and cutting-and-pasting data. There has to be a better way.

HotPMO partners with UiPath and delivers automation consulting because it enables us to deliver Robotic Process Automation solutions (RPA) to our clients in London and further afield. This helps our clients achieve their efficiency and effectiveness goals, and frees up their staff from repetitive tasks to focus on customers.

Why is UiPath the right choice for PMO Automation?

UiPath are the global leaders in RPA technologies. UiPath was named an RPA leader in the Forrester Wave™ Robotic Process Automation report 2019. UiPath develops highly scalable RPA solutions that range from attended robots that support employees, as well as unattended bots, which can handle large-scale processing. The tools are easy to use – if your PMO team can code Excel macros then they can build bots. To support the automated PMO, UiPath delivers free and open RPA training and collaboration and enabling robots to learn new skills through AI and machine learning.

Led by a commitment to bring digital era skills to more than a million people, the company’s enterprise RPA platform has already automated millions of repetitive, mind-numbing tasks for business and government organizations all over the world, improving productivity, customer experience, and employee job satisfaction.

What are the use cases for RPA?

RPA allows the PMO to automate portfolio and project processes in a fraction of the time of a human PMO Analyst. RPA is also non-intrusive, meaning it can be used to extract and combine data from multiple systems, such as your PPM software, finance systems, and Excel sheets. As a UiPath business partner, we can help you implement RPA in your Project Management Office. Examples of how software robots can be used in the PMO are wide ranging, and include:

  • Collating reports and building decks;
  • Generating visual project timelines;
  • Automated document and filing audits;
  • Chasing reports and missing data;
  • Entering invoices into a finance system and seeking approvals;
  • Automation of certain gateway review activities;
  • Ensuring certifications and work permits are up to date;
  • Combining data from multiple systems, PPM, Finance, HR and IT;
  • Accelerated project start-up with bots creating all the necessary filing, project codes and environments;
  • Automated analyses: use bots to undertake sentiment analysis on reports using artificial intelligence to predict when projects are likely to turn red.

Beyond the PMO

Whilst organizations may bring in an RPA developer to start automating processes in the PMO, they often quickly find RPA can generate efficiencies in other areas of the business. As UiPath business partners, HotPMO can work with you to implement RPA technology that will generate huge efficiencies in HR, Legal, Finance, IT and other areas of the business, with business cases often offering ROI within the year. PMOs have long been recognized as experts in optimizing project processes – with RPA they can expand that expertise across the organization.

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