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HotPMO and Keto Software Partnership

We are delighed to be able to share the news that HotPMO, have partnered with Keto Software, a provider of strategic portfolio management software solutions. This collaboration combines our expertise in delivering flexible support for PMOs with world class PPM tooling.

Streamlining Delivery Processes with Combined Service Offerings

By working together, HotPMO and Keto Software are able to offer comprehensive solutions that streamline delivery processes across various industries. With HotPMO’s experience in consulting services combined with Keto’s advanced tools, clients can expect improved efficiency within their operations.

Accelerating Project Delivery through Advanced Tools

Keto Software’s no-code approach makes its strategic portfolio management (SPM) tool highly scalable and customizable. As a result, it helps organizations accelerate project delivery by offering features such as real-time reporting, risk assessment capabilities, resource allocation tracking among others.

The HotPMO and Keto Software Partnership offers a unique opportunity to streamline delivery processes and accelerate project delivery, making it an ideal choice for organizations looking to maximize efficiency. Support from HotPMO combined with tooling from Keto offers organizations the opportunity to accelerate their business and project processes like never before.

Strategic Portfolio Management Solutions by Keto Software

Keto Software offers innovative strategic portfolio management (SPM) software that empowers organizations to effectively manage their OKRs, strategies, project portfolios, risks, resources and more. Its highly scalable and customizable approach leaves traditional PPM tools behind while helping businesses streamline their operations.

No-code Approach for Easy Customization

The no-code approach adopted by Keto Software enables users to easily customize the platform according to their specific needs without any coding knowledge. This makes it a perfect fit for organizations of all sizes and industries seeking a flexible solution for managing their projects and strategic initiatives. The no-code SPM tool allows teams to create custom workflows, dashboards, reports and integrations with ease.

Comprehensive SPM Tool Covering All Aspects of Business Strategy

Keto’s comprehensive suite of features covers every aspect of business strategy management – from setting objectives through tracking progress against key performance indicators (KPIs). Some notable functionalities include:

  • Objective Key Results (OKR): Easily set up OKRs aligned with your organization’s goals using the intuitive interface.
  • Risk Management: Identify potential risks associated with your projects or strategies early on so you can take proactive measures before they escalate into major issues.
  • Budgeting & Resource Allocation: Create budgets based on available resources in real-time while monitoring expenses throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Data-driven Decision Making: Analyze data collected from various sources to make informed decisions about your projects and strategies.

With Keto Software’s strategic portfolio management solutions, organizations can effectively streamline their delivery processes, accelerate project execution and achieve better results in the long run. Keto Software’s portfolio management solutions offer the perfect way for businesses to stay ahead of their rivals while maximizing their project administration endeavors.

Keto Software’s Strategic Portfolio Management Solutions offer an easy-to-customize no-code approach, making it a comprehensive and powerful SPM tool. For organizations looking for tailored advice based on their industry needs, HotPMO offers consultancy services as well as training programs to help improve efficiency.

Image of a KetoSoftware Gantt chart

Consultancy Services by HotPMO

HotPMO is a leading provider of Project Management Office (PMO) consultancy services, offering tailored advice and training programs to improve efficiency within various industries. With our deep expertise in PMOs, we are well-equipped to help organizations implement best practices across different sectors. As we like to put it, “We help organizations deliver the right things faster.”

Tailored Advice Based on Industry-Specific Needs

Every industry has its unique set of challenges when it comes to project management. HotPMO understands this and offers customized guidance based on the specific needs of each client’s sector. By taking into account factors such as organizational structure, business goals, and market dynamics, they can provide actionable insights that lead to tangible improvements in project delivery.

Every industry has its unique set of challenges when it comes to project management. HotPMO understands this and offers customized guidance based on the specific needs of each client’s sector. By taking into account factors such as organizational structure, business goals, and market dynamics, they can provide actionable insights that lead to tangible improvements in project delivery.

Powerful Subscription-based PMO services

Our ‘As a service’ subscription models give organizations access to specialist resources and PMO services when they need them most. All of our subscription services come with mentoring and coaching support as standard, with access to tailored services such as our weekly rollup report service.

Training Programs Designed to Improve Efficiency

Beyond providing expert advice, HotPMO also offers comprehensive training programs aimed at enhancing the skills of project managers and PMO analysts alike. These courses cover essential topics such as agile methodologies, risk management, resource allocation, and more – all designed with an emphasis on practical application so participants can immediately put their newfound knowledge into practice.

  • Agile Methodologies: Learn how adopting agile principles can lead to faster project delivery times while maintaining high-quality outputs.
  • Risk Management: Understand how identifying potential risks early in the planning process helps mitigate issues before they escalate into major problems.
  • Resource Allocation: Discover effective strategies for managing resources efficiently throughout a project’s lifecycle without compromising deadlines or budgets.

In addition to these targeted training sessions focused on individual skills, HotPMO also offers comprehensive PMO workshops designed to help organizations establish or improve their existing Project Management Offices. These courses equip individuals with knowledge of the PMO’s purpose and obligations, as well as giving them helpful approaches and strategies to apply in their own business.

Consultancy Services by HotPMO provide tailored advice and training programs to help organizations deliver projects faster and prioritize their project portfolios. Moving on, let us explore the value-added reseller relationship that helps strengthen collaborations through reselling agreements while expanding reach across multiple markets.

Everybody benefits

The partnership between HotPMO and Keto Software has led to a mutually beneficial relationship designed to meet the needs of modern delivery organizations.

This new collaboration not only enhances the services offered by both companies but also helps us expand our reach across multiple markets. By working together, they can provide clients with an integrated solution that combines expert consultancy from HotPMO with cutting-edge technology provided by Keto Software.

Expanding Reach Across Multiple Markets

  • Innovative Solutions: The combined expertise of both companies enables them to offer innovative solutions tailored specifically for each client’s needs.
  • Better Support:  HotPMO can now provide even greater support for organizations seeking strategic portfolio management tools like those offered by Keto Software.
  • New Opportunities: This partnership opens up new opportunities for both parties to explore different sectors and industries where their services can be effectively utilized.

Overcoming Productivity Challenges Together

The combined strengths of both HotPMO and Keto Software allow them to address productivity challenges faced by UK-based organizations effectively. By offering comprehensive solutions encompassing consulting services from HotPMO along with cutting-edge technology provided by Keto Software, they enable clients to achieve better project outcomes and improved efficiency.

Comprehensive Solutions for Productivity Improvement

HotPMO’s consultancy services are designed to help businesses streamline their project management processes while Keto Software’s strategic portfolio management tools provide the necessary visibility into projects, resources, risks, and more. This powerful combination empowers organizations to make informed decisions that drive success in today’s competitive landscape.

  • Better decision-making: With access to accurate data and insights from both partners’ offerings, leaders can make well-informed choices about prioritizing projects or allocating resources.
  • Faster delivery: The collaboration between HotPMO and Keto Software helps organizations identify bottlenecks in their processes so they can be addressed quickly, resulting in faster project completion times.
  • Innovative approach: Both companies bring a unique perspective on how best practices should be implemented within different industries – this fresh thinking enables clients to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to managing their portfolios effectively.

Achieving Better Project Outcomes Through Collaboration

The partnership between these two industry-leading companies provides an unparalleled level of support for organizations looking to improve their overall productivity. By leveraging the expertise of HotPMO consultants alongside the advanced capabilities offered by Keto Software’s SPM toolset, clients can expect:

  1. Improved project performance through the identification and resolution of issues early in the process.
  2. Greater visibility into project progress, resource allocation, and risk management to make more informed decisions about prioritization and execution.
  3. A tailored approach that considers each organization’s unique needs, ensuring a customized solution that drives real results.


The HotPMO and Keto Software partnership is a powerful example of how two companies can work together to help organizations with their strategic portfolio management. Our partnership allows both organizations to leverage their respective strengths, creating an innovative approach that will help customers overcome the productivity challenges they face in today’s fast-paced environment. Whether you are looking for an upgrade to your PPM approach, or whether you are looking to improve the ROI of your portfolio, get in touch with us today and find out how we can help.


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