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Project charter template

Project Charter with Examples and Template

Getting up and running with a new project can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. But before the project starts, it is important to get agreement and alignment on the basis for the project, and the authority that is being handed to the project manager. This is usually achieved through the creation of two artifacts:…
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Free Risk Log Template

A Risk Log is an essential Project Management Tool A vital tool in any project is the risk log or risk register. One of the earliest tasks to undertake in a project is to gather and assess risks. Usually, the process of risk management begins before the project starts. Risks are evaluated and captured as…
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Free Portfolio Tracker

Struggling to keep track of your project portfolio? This free portfolio tracker will help – and its 100% cheaper than a PPM tool! The template allows you to keep track of the % work complete and spend vs budget across a portfolio of projects. Dynamic bars show at a glance whether projects are behind or…
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Initial Projcet Risk Assessment

Free Initial Risk Assessment Template

We understand. You have multiple competing projects and no simple way of assessing the risk and benefit associated with each. Without this view, how can you decide which projects should go ahead? How do you decide which need more (or less) support from the PMO?  This template will help. It’s a simple tool to assess…
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Excel Burndown chart

Free Excel Burndown Chart Template from Hot PMO

We offer the best PMO templates for free PMO people spend a lot of time creating templates, including this great Excel Burndown chart. PMOs generally develop templates for the following reasons: Standardization – having a consistent format or structure across a program or organization means it is easier for people to operate across teams without…
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