Free Portfolio Tracker

Struggling to keep track of your project portfolio? This free portfolio tracker will help – and its 100% cheaper than a PPM tool! The template allows you to keep track of the % work complete and spend vs budget across a portfolio of projects. Dynamic bars show at a glance whether projects are behind or ahead of schedule, whilst a handy ‘$$$’ indicator keeps track of how fast the project is burning through its budget allocation.

Why do I need a Portfolio Tracker?

Project portfolio management (PPM) is the management of many projects. It includes the interactions between them. It also includes the processes, methods, and frameworks used by the project managers for project delivery. The aim of PPM is to have the portfolio be as efficient and as effective as possible while keeping your projects on schedule, within budget, and aligned to your organizational strategy.

You can find out more about portfolio management on our dedicated PPM page here:

There’s a lot to keep on top of and many PMOs decide to invest in PPM tools to help them prioritize projects, allocate resources, track performance, and much more.

But what happens when you haven’t got the budget for a new tool, and all you have on your desktop is Excel? Never fear! We have a simple tracker that will allow you to keep tabs on:

  • The projects in your portfolio
  • Project Start and End Dates
  • Percent Complete
  • Budget allocation
  • Project Spend to date

Sure this tracker doesn’t do what the big PPM tools do, but it is simple enough for you to have up and running in a couple of minutes. Now that’s something you never hear said about tools like Planview  and Clarizen!

Free Portfolio Tracker compatible with most versions of Excel

The sheet is designed to work with Office365. but the functionality will work fine with everything back to Excel 2007. Hopefully, this means that no matter how infrequently your organization updates software, this should still work for you!

The chart is freely available to use, edit and abuse as you wish. All I ask is that if you like it, please share a link to this site via your blog or via social media.

Free Portfolio Tracker
A handy Free Portfolio Tracker for Excel

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