InniAccounts are not like other accountancy firms. They are passionate advocates for micro-businesses and pride themselves on supporting clients to provide services outside of IR35. They developed to help independent consultants and have built services such as a Working Practice Assessment tool to help clients navigate the complex and often subjective rules applied by HMRC. Their degree of innovation was recognized in 2016 when they received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation.

The team at InniAccounts are never short of ideas for new ways to help their clients, but how do you prioritize those ideas and focus on the ones that are truly important?

They engaged HotPMO to help with the delivery of some of those ideas. The first thing we collaborated on was setting up regular delivery cadences: Friday afternoons became a regular slot for measuring progress, reflecting, and making decisions for the week ahead – and celebrating successes!

From Ideas, to OKRs

“When working in an innovative environment you need a flexible goal-setting approach”, says John McIntyre, Founder and CEO of HotPMO. OKRs and Innovation are a match made in heaven. HotPMO introduced OKRs at InniAccounts as a way to articulate the direction of travel for the organization, and to measure progress along the way.

Well-structured OKRs are inspirational – they encourage creative ways to push boundaries and achieve the near-impossible moon-shots.

When the InniAccounts team came up with new ideas, we would work with them to assess the impact these ideas would have on their OKRs. Which dials were these innovations going to turn? How would they make things better for our clients? Ideas and initiatives were switched out regularly as the team sought the optimum mix of initiatives and deliverables. What stayed constant was the OKRs: they were like a North Star, ensuring everything contributed to the overarching vision and business objectives.

A framework for creative success

The structure we developed with InniAccounts included a blend of Quarterly OKR-setting workshops, regular Friday check-ins, and weekly individual coaching sessions.

“One of the challenges in running a company that’s passionate about innovation is making sure we’re picking the right ideas and turning these ideas into the right results, with constrained resources. We’ve always had no shortage of ideas, but often they weren’t landing. We thought we just missing a project manager to keep us on track, so we engaged HotPMO. However, the epiphany that HotPMO has helped us realize is what we actually needed was a real connection from the actions to the results. The OKR framework has been an eye-opener. Compared to other models we’ve tried, it’s deceptively simple. And that’s the joy – it’s easy for us to gather around, articulate our vision in a meaningful way, and hold ourselves to account to ensure we maximize the results we deliver. We’ve learned some brilliant new habits, and I’m glad to report they’re sticking, and there continues to be a marked difference in our delivery cadence.” – James Poyser, CEO of InniAccounts.

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