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We get it. You have a simple goal: help your organization deliver faster. But where do you start? There are a myriad of certifications and frameworks all promising the world, but presenting lots of theory whilst teaching you to pass an exam.


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Learn with us Learning at HotPMO is different. All of our PMO courses are run by delivery experts who have experienced first-hand which delivery approaches work – and which do not. You’ll learn from experts who have learned the hard way – not in the classroom, but working on real projects with real people and scarily real deadlines!

Our PMO courses teach the theory, but crucially they show you how to apply it in practice. It doesn’t matter whether you are joining a free bite-sized learning course or a longer expert course. You will come away with practical solutions that you can implement immediately.

We’re glad you’ve decided to join us. Take a look around. Chose your next learning journey. And continue your journey to become that one person in your organization who always knows exactly what to do to deliver the right things, faster.

Our PMO Courses

The flexibility of learning with HotPMO is the one thing our students love. It is your course – so access it when you want to, and complete it when you are ready. We understand what it is like to want to learn a topic RIGHT NOW! Sign up all year round and you can access the video lessons and training materials right from the start.


Agile Ceremonies Explained


A regular cadence of ceremonies is a vital part of agile delivery. In this course, I will show you how Planning, Daily Scrums, Reviews, and Retrospectives are structured and will teach you how the ceremonies empower teams and drive agile delivery.
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16 lessons