Published on: April 11, 2018
Adizes’ PAEI management roles

The PAEI Management Model, developed by Dr. Ichak Adizes, is a model for categorizing managers into one of four roles, Producer, Administrator, Entrepreneur and Integrator. Adizes asserts that no individual manager can meet all the needs of their organization or department. He argues that effective management requires a team of leaders who – when working together in harmony – can handle the most complex challenges and issues.

What is the PAEI Model?

Adizes argues there are four management roles that need to be fulfilled to have effective management. He categorizes them as follows:

  • The Producer: Organizations exist to produce results. The results being produced may vary depending on the organization, but they all exist in order to satisfy customer needs. The Producer is typically very delivery focused. They work long hours to ‘do it now’ and tend to believe that hard work solves everything.

  • The Administrator: While the Producer focuses on what to do, The administrator focuses on how things should be done. The administrator undertakes activities that are directed at getting things organized, planned, scheduled, systematized, and generally under control by capturing the learning curve about how to do things right in processes, procedures, and systems.

  • The Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurs embrace change and inspire those around them. They focused on creating new opportunities or responding to threats. Entrepreneurs are more willing to believe in visions and take significant risks, whilst using story-telling and other techniques to bring others along with them.

  • The Integrator: Integrators are reliable, trustworthy, warm and caring. The Integrator role focuses on the development of teams who can make the organization efficient over the long term. Integrator Managers often develop persistent cultures of mutual trust and mutual respect.

In reality, people do not fall neatly into one of the four roles – they have a mixture of the four roles.

Adizes’ model does not stop with categorizing managers into generic roles however. He proposes different combinations of roles are more valuable at different stages in an organization’s corporate life cycle. By adjusting the weight of each role, the management team can be better ‘geared’ to deal with situations.

PAEI Management Model - Adizes' PAEI management roles

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When can I use the PAEI model?

There are several applications for the PAEI model in the PMO. PMOs tend to follow a lifecycle, much like organizations do. The model can be used to assess the best management roles/styles to adopt depending on your position in the lifecycle.

The model can also be used to support resource management and resource allocation to projects. Based on the model, we can see that assigning a very Entrepreneurial project manager to a project that is closing down makes little sense – strong administrators are better suited to manage this stage of the lifecycle.

How can I assess how I compare to the PAEI roles?

You can assess how you compare to the PAEI roles by completing a short questionnaire here

Where can I find out more about PAEI roles?

You can find out more about Dr. Ichak Adizes and his model at


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