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Are you a PMO person working from home?

Join us every Wednesday for #PMOWfh! With over half the world’s population now under some sort of lockdown, the majority of PMO analysts, PMO managers, and Portfolio managers have suddenly found themselves working from home. It is fair to say that some have taken this easier than others. Some, like Tomas Bella, have maintained regular routines:

Others, like Jack Altman, have been a little less disciplined!

Life on Zoom

PMO teams globally have found themselves rising to the challenge of undertaking Project enablement, reporting, governance, and assurance whilst working from laptops balanced on the edge of bedside tables. They’ve become overnight experts in Zoom, mastering all the advanced keyboard shortcuts and becoming adept at hiding growing piles of laundry and screaming children behind a customized virtual background.

Stay in touch with your PMO network at #PMOWfh

Whether you are enjoying life without commuting, or whether you are climbing the walls, HotPMO has joined forces with PMOFlashmob to bring you a regular weekly dose of PMO sanity and socializing. For as long as we remain in lockdown, we will be hosting a special Wednesday afternoon virtual meetup called #PMOwfh.

When does the PMO get together for #PMOwfh?

The weekly meetup happens on Zoom every Wednesday at 3 pm (BST), you’ll be sent a link to join over 50 PMO professionals who find themselves in a similar situation. We’ll bring guest speakers and share the hottest ideas for effectively running your PMO from home. We’ll share tips and tricks, and we’ll give you plenty of time in breakout groups to mingle and share your ideas with PMO people from different companies, sectors, and countries.

What are we talking about?

The agenda is constantly changing – always fresh and current. So far we’ve heard advice from PMO people on how best to work from home, we’ve heard how to facilitating online training, and we’ve had honest (and raw) war-stories from running workshops online. We’ve also had a great series of talks from authors including Manuel Pais, Ken Burrell, Patrick Hoverstadt, and Lucy Loh.

Check out some of our #PMOWfh videos on YouTube

Each week the conversation is different. But whatever we are talking about, you can guarantee it will always be relevant to the daily routines of the community who work in the PMO space.

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