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It’s time for the PMO Festival! From the 22nd Aug to 28th Aug 2016, we are celebrating the PMO as part of the #PMOFestival.

Why have a PMO Festival?

The festival is the brainchild of Elise Stevens – and Laura Barnard – The aim of the festival is to encourage people to share and celebrate all things good about PMOs by encouraging people to pose PMO related articles to LinkedIn and on Blogs. Far too often, PMO articles focus on the negative (the tweet below from PMI is a good case in point) so its great to see initiatives like this that focus on the positives!

4 reasons that your PMO is hated
Tough love from PMI’s Blog team: 4 reasons why your PMO is hated.

How do I get involved in the PMO Festival?

Just like any festival, you have the choice of wandering through and browsing the various stages, or you can choose to completely immerse yourself! PMO Bloggers from around the world will be posting special content throughout the week, with a focus on celebrating the role the PMO plays in organizations.  If you want to get involved, visit the festival group on LinkedIn, and share your contribution on Twitter using the hashtag #PMOFestival.

What have other PMO Bloggers been doing?

Some great PMO people come together to celebrate PMOs as part of the PMO Festival. There have been articles published from around the world, with authors contributing from Australia, the UK, and the US, along with many more. This article from Hans Arnbjerg ( challenges PMOs to think about what they should stop doing – something that we too have blogged about in our article encouraging PMOs to have a regular process purge. Others have talked about running a PMO as a one-woman operation, and how to make the PMO less frumpy and more – ah – sexy (

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