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Tour de France to Project Data Analytics; Cutting edge approaches to data

  • Code Node 10 South Place London, England, EC2M 7EB United Kingdom (map)
London Project Data Analytics Meetup

London Project Data Analytics Meetup

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What is the Projects Data Analytics night all about?

Martin Paver, founder of the London Project Data and Analytics meetup is a man with a mission. He has a passionate believe that we can make the world of projects delivery a better place improving the way we leverage data within projects, programs and portfolios. He is striving to overcome some of the practical constraints that prevent the full value of projects data being realized and he is working to shine a light on teams that are using projects data to resolve real-world project challenges. As well as exploring how projects data can be exploited using traditional approaches, his meetups often explore how machine learning and AI can be deployed to resolve challenges - drawing on expertise from big big data experts and PMO experts.

At this meetup, attendees will be hearing from Dimension Data -, who have been working with the Tour de France team. They’ve been using data to tell stories and to predict outcomes. Through advanced data analytics, they claim to be able to predict the daily top five riders with 71% accuracy. How many PMOs are able to predict project outcomes with this degree of accuracy? Clearly there is a lot the PMO community can learn.

But Dimension Data are not just focused on accurate predictions, they are working to improve the audience experience - working towards the concept of an ‘audience of one’ where views and data are tailored to individuals rather than being one-size-fits-all. This is something that PMO people have been talking about for some time. When building communications plans, we typically use a 2x2 matrix to assess the relative power and interest that stakeholders have in our projects. This data is used to group stakeholders and decide how best to communicate with each group. But the process of analyzing stakeholders is time consuming - as is creating targeted communication. Too often, limited time, resources and technical expertise mean that opportunities are missed and all stakeholders end up receiving generic newsletters or emailed reports containing homogenized messages.

At the London Project Data Analytics Meetup, Wayne Speechly from Dimension Data will be sharing their approach to data science and analytics. They’ll be telling the story of how their work has developed since their first tour in 2015 and what their current capabilities look like. Crucially, they’ll be demonstrating how their data analysis and output provide value to their stakeholders - the fans, teams and sponsors of the Tour de France. As he tells his story, Wayne will also be opening up about some of the the challenges Dimension Data had to overcome and will share some of the successes and failures they’ve had along the way.

Because this meetup is about Projects Data, Wayne Speechly will be applying the learning to the world of project management and PMO - providing insights and inspiration for people who work with projects data. He’ll help attendees understand what is possible, what the challenges are and will offer his advice for implementation.

About Wayne Speechly

Wayne is Managing Director, Digital Advisory at Dimension Data and is responsible for for the digital and organisational transformation practice. As digital is here, many organisations need to recognize how they change ideas and behavior to solve the right problems, before understanding how best technology is able to deliver outcomes.

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