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Toolkit Optimization to Maximize PMO Maturity – Webinar

Toolkit Optimization to Maximize PMO Maturity - Webinar

Toolkit Optimization to Maximize PMO Maturity - Webinar

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What is the Toolkit Optimization PMO Webinar all about?

Its a common problem. You have the shiny new PPM tools and you’ve self-assessed your PMO maturity to be an 11 on a scale of 1-10. Yet you are still not seeing the improvement in project delivery that you had hoped for. No matter what the sales people tell you, PPM tools will not deliver your projects for you. Here at HotPMO we’ve seen projects succeed using little more than post-it notes and a large whiteboard. And we’ve seen projects fail despite having the latest software and technology.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. In fact it is very common for project organizations to have amazing PPM tools and still struggle to get delivery right. Whilst PPM tools can do incredible amounts of heavy lifting for PMOs, They can include dashboards that improve visibility, and automatically generate report content. They can assist with scheduling and help create balanced portfolios of work. They can link project dependencies across silos and promote a holistic approach to risk management. But for all that, it is people who deliver projects, and they do so in the context of the organization. If your PPM tool is out of whack with your organization, people and processes then it may well be working against you rather than for you.

PMOFlashmob have been speaking with Guy Jelly (, CEO at Project Portfolio Office (PPO). They’ve arranged for Guy to run a 45 minute live webinar on Friday 3 July at 11am (GMT +1) exploring the link between tools and PMO maturity. During the session he’ll be looking at the alignment of people, process, governance, technology and the organization and will look at ways in which you can optimize your PMO toolkit to your maturity level. Whether you are using Google sheets, or Planview, it is important to map the capabilities of your project and portfolio management tools with your current (and then future) maturity models.

In the 45 minute webinar, Guy Jelly will be showing you how to:

  • Map your toolkit’s capabiities to your current maturity level

  • Optimize your toolkit to your current and then targeted project management maturity level

  • learn from others and apply a proven approach to effective usage of your PMO tools.

About Guy Jelly

Guy Jelly is one of the founders of project portfolio management (PPM) and collaboration solution provider, Project Portfolio Office, and is the company’s CEO. Project Portfolio Office was established in 2000, with the sole aim of helping organisations to achieve greater project success. He is very passionate about advancing the project portfolio management industry, and through this also very driven. Guy is a husband & father of 2, loves jazz, soccer and is a huge Spurs fan.

Wrong time zone?

The webinar is at 11am in the UK, which may be a little early for some of our readers in the Americas (especially if you are on the West-coast!). But don’t worry: I am reliably informed that if you sign up, you will be sent a link to the webinar to watch at a more civilized hour (after you’ve had your morning coffee). It won’t be live, but the content will still be fresh. 

Where can I get tickets?

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