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Risk and Decision, 2 Roles and 2 Perspectives of the same side (IPMO Webinar)

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What is the IPMO Webinar Series?

The IPMO Webinar Series focuses on sharing knowledge for PMO Professionals. This webinar is called Risk and Decision, two roles and two perspectives of the same side. It is hosted by Kari P. Dakakni PMP, PMI-RMP

Session description: 

One of the key responsibilities of a manager is decision making. Risk Management is an essential aspect to consider if you are to master decision making in complex environments. During the session, Dakani will explore risk management and decision making whilst combining elements of engineering, computer science, psychology and management science. This AIPMO® webinar is an overview of the risk management embedded in a real decision making context of an Enterprise Organization, where assembling, maintenance, logistic, construction, safety, are critical. Discussions at the end will be encouraged.

The webinar is scheduled for 2pm UTC

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