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Really Learning Lessons - PMO Mini Masterclass

  • Notting Hill Genesis 2 Killick Street London, England, N1 9FL United Kingdom (map)
Lessons really learnt

Lessons really learnt

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What is the lessons really learnt night all about?

If you’ve been sleepwalking into the 2019, suffering from the hangovers of past projects, then this is just the event for you! Ken Burrell - - will be giving a masterclass in extracting real business value from project lessons learnt.

Too often, gathering lessons from projects ends up becoming an administrative exercise doomed to failure. Lessons are sanitized to the point of being meaningless, before being rubber stamped and filed away in dusty corners of document management systems. Project managers who diligently seek out lessons from previous projects when embarking on new ventures are frequently left frustrated as there is little in the way of effective support and too much knowledge ends up being lost in translation.

Lessons Learnt has become something of a passion for Ken Burrell. I remember discussing it with him back in 2016 when he urged me to write a blog post about the Call3 approach that I had devised (I did, and its here: Since then Ken has spent countless hours researching lessons learnt approaches, interviewing practitioners and gathering examples of best practice.

In this mini-masterclass Ken will be sharing those lessons with us.

Whilst many projects people dismiss lessons learned as a broken relic that is doomed to fail, Ken believes there is still value to be had and lessons learnt processes are worth saving.

During the evening, Ken will explore how organizations learn from their experience of running projects and offers practical and frank advice on how to fix failures that can creep in at each stage of the learning process.

Ken will also be sharing the results of a recent survey into the transferability of lessons between project of different types, and draws on the results to suggest bolder approaches that can deal with multiple delivery challenges simultaneously.

Drinks and snacks will be provided and there will be plenty of opportunity for networking in the pub afterwards. 

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