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PMO Flashmob Online

Hybrid PMO - Edinburgh

Hybrid PMO - Edinburgh

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What is the PMO Flashmob Online event all about?

We get it. You keep meaning to attend a PMO Flashmob event, but there never seems to be one near you. All of that has changed as the Flashmob format has expanded online - meaning you can join from the comfort of your own living room!

The team have created a 'virtual bar' with space for 26 PMO people to join and engage with conversations and insights about the hottest ideas in the PMO space. 

The session will have two talking points and an 'its your round' section which will allow anyone to throw in their questions, challenges or to ask for guidance from the group. 

This month's talking points are:

  1. The PMO CV/Resume. Lindsay Scott ( will be sharing hints and tips around sharing your career history on your CV and will be opening the floor for questions and discussion

  2. Exploring the role of the PMO as a knowledge broker. The discussion will be based around a 2012 paper by Sofia Pemsel and Anna Wirwiora, Project management office a knowledge broker in project-based organisations.

The evening is aimed at anyone working in (or looking to work in) the PMO space who wants to share ideas and network with like minded people. 

What are online PMO Flashmobs like?

The Flashmob team have shared highlights from a previous online event online, so take a look at see what you think? You'll find more details of all of their events over at their site:


Where can I get tickets?

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