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Effort Management for Project-Based Enterprises and PMO

  • EPM Partners 50 Margaret Street Sydney, NSW, 2000 Australia (map)
Effort Management for Project-based Enterprises and PMO

Effort Management for Project-based Enterprises and PMO

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What is the Effort Management for Project-based Enterprises and PMO event all about?

The PMO Sydney group are getting together again this June to get stuck into the gnarly topic of effort management. There is nothing more frustrating for Portfolio Managers, Project Managers and Enterprise PMO Manager than seeing effort being wasted. People are the most valuable asset we have on our projects and we have a responsibility to our organizations to utilize our assets effectively. It is common to talk about ‘sweating the assets’ but when those assets are human, then there is far more at play. Over working our people leads to stress and sickness. It can damage families and careers. In project-based organizations there are a number of ways that effort and capacity management are handled. In Project-based Enterprises it is often down to the PMO team to tackle this issue and predict how much work will (or will not) be delivered, and how can we optimize the amount of effort we deploy to be both efficient and effective.

Whilst Effort Management can be difficult, the benefits are plain to see. Research has proven that effective effort management gets results. A 2011 paper by Malte Schwinger and Joachim Stiensmeier-Pelster noted a strong directional link between effective effort management and student GPA scores: get the effort management right and you increase the chances of success.

The guest speaker at this PMO Event believes he has the solution. Alex James ( is the founder and CEO of RESRODEL, a company that provides a resource role model solution based on what Alex calls Effort Management Theorem.

Alex argues that by learning about the Effort Management Theorem and how you can:

  1. Predict avoidable workforce waste, shortfall, and excess

  2. Balance workforce ability to deliver, utilization and workload

  3. Summarize your entire workforce’s future at the business unit and the whole of enterprise levels.

Alex has a strong background working in construction, consulting and Project Management. His bio notes that he was frustrated with how organizations often did not understand project and enterprise effort and the impact it could have on people, project delivery and financial performance. As well as running RESRODEL, Alex is the Project Leader of the ISO working group tasked with developing an international standard for ‘Workforce Management’.
To hear more from Alex and find out why he set up RESRODEL, check out his video below:

The Effort Management for Project-based Enterprises and PMO event will follow an agenda that will be familiar to regulars. Meet at the venue at 5:30 for registration, pizza and networking. The session itself will start at 6pm, followed by more networking and a wrap at 7:30.

About PMO Sydney

PMO Sydney is a meet up group in Sydney, NSW. The group aims to to discuss and help solve challenges in areas like: project prioritization, pipeline management, resource management, setting up PMO’s, agile processes etc. and of course having some fun! PMO people from all levels of experience are encouraged to attend. The group is run by Amireh Amirmazaheri who has over 15 years experience across different industries as Portfolio, Program and Project Management Office specialist, consultant, leader and manager.

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