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How to ensure effective project performance reporting (APM Webinar)

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What is the Webinar All About?

This free webinar from APM looks at how organizations and portfolios can ensure effective project performance reporting. It is hosted by Iain Morton and David Llewellyn.

In their words:

"Every project needs an appropriate framework in place to manage its performance effectively.  This webinar discusses the key challenges and pitfalls many portfolios, programmes and projects (P3) face and how to overcome them."

Morton and Llewellyn have are from  BMT Hi-Q Sigma and have a wealth of projects experience in delivering major Government and Defense sector initiatives. Recently they have been working together on a major government organisation to implement a clear performance management framework across a multi-billion pound portfolio.  They are consistently seeing projects and programmes input burdensome performance drumbeats that don’t actually consider the question of, is this adding value and helping the project manager make more informed decisions? 

This webinar explores questions that are close to the hearts of many PMOs:

  • Is the P3 hierarchy reviewing the right data?  Just because the data is available does not mean that you need to capture it and flow it through the performance drumbeat.
  • In a world where projects and programs strive to review real time data in their performance drumbeat, do they actually allow themselves the time to analyse the data and turn it into management information that can be utilized further?
  • Do you know what should be on your performance dashboard?  The level of detail required varies significantly throughout the P3 hierarchy but many projects and programs fail to recognize this

The webinar is scheduled for 12:30 UTC+1 (BST)

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