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Change Management 2019

  • Loews Royal Pacific Resort 6300 Hollywood Way Orlando, FL, 32819 United States (map)
Change Management 2019

Change Management 2019

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What is Change Management 2019 all about?

The Change Management 2019 Conference is in Orlando Florida. The event is not specifically aimed at PMO professionals, but there are a lot of sessions here that will catch your eye if you work in an enterprise or program level PMO.

There are various tracks including

  • Foundations

  • Enterprise capabilities and leadership

  • Integrated Disciplines and Partnerships

  • Professional Practices

  • Tools of the Trade

  • Trends & Innovation

Sessions that look especially relevant to PMO Professionals include:

The Evolution of Change in an Era of Digital Transformation (Nick Pineda) This workshop session will explore how technical trends are likely to affect change and transformation projects. If your organization is undergoing any kind of digital transformation, this promises to be a highly relevant and hands-on session

How to Win at the Intersection of Agile and Change Management (Tim Creasey) Integrating change management and agile delivery is set to become one of the hot topics for strategic delivery professionals in 2019. This session draws on extensive research, explores parallels between change and agile management and looks at how change professionals can propel organizations forward effectively at the intersection of the two disciplines.

Using a “Mash-up of Models” for Change Success (Chuck Kalnbach) The days of the PMO enforcing a single project methodology are long gone. Modern PMOs help projects navigate an array of processes and tools to find those that are most appropriate for their situations. In this session, the adage that ‘all models are wrong, some are useful’ is taken as a starting point from which participants will explore models from a variety of sources to see which could be used for change success.

The Evolution of Operations Management: Bringing the Worlds of the PMO and CMO Together (Kiran Lenz, Raghid El-Yafouri) In this session, the speakers explore the role of the PMO and the role of the CMO (change management office). Whilst having different roots, there are many opportunities to be exploited when both offices collaborate and integrate, or when PMOs evolve to take on a change management function.

Still unsure? Check out this video from Change Management 2018:

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