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Agile Roadmaps – Top Tips from a PMO Planning Consultant - Edinburgh

  • Royal Bank of Scotland 175 Glasgow Road Edinburgh, Scotland, EH12 9SB United Kingdom (map)
PMO Quiz Night Edinburgh

PMO Quiz Night Edinburgh

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What is the Agile Roadmaps night all about?

The PMOFlashmob team are back in Edinburgh. Sunchana Johnston is leading a session on Agile Roadmaps for PMO people. Sunchana is an experienced project planner and experienced presenter. I saw her present at the Stand Up for PMO event in Manchester earlier this year and she was fantastic!

Full of enthusiasm, honest and practical advice, Sunchana describes ‘how to think big’ and successfully create Agile Roadmaps.

Roadmaps are artifacts that are used extensively in Product Management to communicate the goals or features the product development team will be focused on in the future months, quarters or years.

Product roadmaps usually contain high-level strategic initiatives, major releases and key features that will drive strategic objectives. If your organization is using OKRs, then you would expect the roadmap to show the objectives the team will focus on, and the key results they will use to measure their success. The product roadmap is an effective tool for communicating the product’s overall direction stakeholders in the organization and externally. They are often used by sales teams to explain to clients how products will evolve in the future.

As an experienced planner, Sunchana will be taking attendees through a masterclass in creating effective agile roadmaps. She’ll describe the benefits of roadmap planning, challenges and pitfalls and will open your eyes to the opportunities roadmap planning can provide such as improved collaboration and creativity.

At the end of the session the PMO Flashmob team promise you’ll come away with:

1. A clear understanding of what it takes to create Agile Roadmaps

2. Understand the benefits of roadmap planning

3. Gain the confidence to create Agile Roadmaps for yourself.

Where can I get tickets?

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