At HotPMO we believe the PMO is a catalyst. Good PMOs accelerate the delivery, and help organizations focus on the right things. Effective project delivery is essential, but is not the only area that requires focus. Modern PMOs share and visualise data to drive decisions in teams, departments and executive functions. They work with agile delivery teams to improve flow and minimise waste. They optimize and automate business processses. And above all, they understand that the key to successful delivery is a team of skilled and passionate people.

Our mission is to help organizations develop their delivery capability in order to achieve outcomes faster, through the effective use of training, coaching, mentoring, leadership, process improvement and process automation.

How we work

Our engagement model is simple. We meet and listen to the challenges you are facing. We ask questions to better understand where the root causes lie. Then we draw on our experience to recommend tailor made solutions that meet your needs. You won’t find us selling you generic frameworks or certifications. Each engagement is unique and designed around you and your team.

HotPMO are at the forefront of PMO and Portfolio delivery thinking and we are continuously developing our skills to ensure we are available to help you with whatever challenges your organization is facing.

Strategic Alignment

Your organization is brimming with good ideas, but that doesn’t mean they are the right things to deliver.

We help align strategies and data ‘sources of truth’ throughout organizations, ensuring everyone is focused on Objectives and Key Results to deliver business outcomes.


Following an agile framework is not enough - agility requires a culture shift, continuous experimentation and fast feedback loops at all levels of the organization.

Whether you are experimenting with Design Thinking, Kanban or Scrum, HotPMO can help you make the leap from agile frameworks to an Agile Mindset.


Building and maintaining a strategic PMO function is hard. PMOs need to continuously evolve to meet the changing needs of the organization and the market.

With our coaching, mentoring and training services, we work to maximize the value of your existing Project Delivery teams - removing waste and empowering teams to accelerate delivery.

Robotic Process Automation

Nobody wants their team to sit around chasing timesheets, processing invoices and generating reports. Yet too often this is what they spend time doing.

HotPMO uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions that can be deployed rapidly to automate complex processes reliably across multiple platforms.