Our guide to some of the most important Management Models for PMOs

Management models and frameworks play a huge part in the work that PMOs do. PMO Managers and Consultants spend a immeasurable amounts of time learning management models, discussing management models and even inventing their own management models.


Tools and practices that will improve your business

When it comes to change management, it is often the role of the PMO to put methodologies and models into practice. Management models appeal to PMO professionals – they can bring order to chaos, aid communication and reduce complexity.

There are almost as many management models available as there are consultants eager to sell them as the solution to all of your organizational and project management challenges. What follows on this page is our attempt to highlight some of the management models that may be of particular interest to PMOs and the organizations they operate within. Each model (or framework, or method) is described and put into context – cross referencing where possible and sharing practical examples where these are available. If you are interested in learning more about a particular model, links are provided for your convenience.


How to use this guide

Explore the models by selecting a category below, or using the search bar. Alternatively, simply scroll down to review the complete list of management models – then click the one that looks the most interesting!

Kotter’s Eight Step Change Model

Kotter’s Eight Step Change Model John P. Kotter John Kotter’s works have made his name synonymous with leading change. Kotter, a Harvard Business School Emeritus Professor, speaker, and author, has committed much to studying leadership and change over the years. His 8-step model is taught in all the leading business schools and is practically a…
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Belbin Team Roles

Dr. Meredith Belbin Meredith Belbin is a management theorist best known for his work with management teams. He studied Classics and Psychology in the UK at Clare College, Cambridge. He served as a research fellow at Cranfield University before joining Henley Management College. He carried out extensive research on group behavior, which formed the basis…
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MoSCoW or Kano Models – how do you prioritize?

–They say time is infinite. Theoretical Physicists may agree, but anyone involved with Projects knows only too well that time is finite. No matter what you are delivering in your portfolio or project, there never seems to be quite enough time to get everything the customer wants delivering. More often than not, we end up…
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