The Ultimate list of PMO Events

HotPMO researches PMO events daily and adds them to our database. This is a free service, and is not advertiser or revenue driven. Therefore you can be confident that the list of events below is a genuinely the ultimate and most up-to-date list of PMO events available on the web. All events are reviewed by a human before being added to the site.

What type of PMO Events are included?

The PMO Events calendar includes events from around the world - as long as they are aimed at PMO professionals. We tend not to share details of Project Management events, unless they have a specific PMO track, or have a number of sessions that are of specific interest to the PMO. Events that are tool-specific and Webinars that are little more than sales pitches are avoided. Training courses are not included as there are already plenty of training course aggregators out there.

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