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Outsourcing the mundane PMO activities

Outsourcing the mundane, routine activities can help your team thrive. I’ve seen the same pattern across numerous PMO teams. Talented individuals are hired as PMO analysts because they have that certain spark, curiosity, drive, and creativity that defines the truly great analysts. But too often, those skills go underutilized as their time is spent on…
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The PMO needs to get to grips with Big Data

It seems that everyone is talking about Big Data. Organizations across the world are receiving more information from their IT systems, websites, and tools than ever before. The PMO should play a pivotal role in navigating it. As a profession with so many Analysts, why do we not do more Analytics? It has always seemed…
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5 online training courses that will boost your PMO Career

Your PMO career is important: time to start investing in it! In my experience, people who have successful PMO careers have a broad skills base. They are generalists who have skills that bridge the gap between project and operations; finance and creative; orators and the industrious. But when it comes to the types of training…
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PMO Process Purge

  Have you ever conducted a PMO Process Purge? If not, there is a good chance your PMO is suffering from bloat. This article explores a common PMO antipattern and what you can do to prevent it. A common PMO Antipattern I want to share a PMO Antipattern with you. For those of you who…
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The PMO as a Catalyst

How many different types of PMO are there? There are many ways that a project management office can be classified. Do you operate at a team, department, or organizational level? Are you a project PMO, program PMO, or portfolio management PMO? Are you resource-driven or results-driven? At HotPMO, we believe that there is only one…
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It’s PMO festival time!

It’s time for the PMO Festival! From the 22nd Aug to 28th Aug 2016, we are celebrating the PMO as part of the #PMOFestival. Why have a PMO Festival? The festival is the brainchild of Elise Stevens – and Laura Barnard – The aim of the festival is to encourage people to share and celebrate all…
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