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Outsourcing the mundane PMO activities

Outsourcing the mundane, routine activities can help your team thrive. I’ve seen the same pattern across numerous PMO teams. Talented individuals are hired as PMO analysts because they have that certain spark, curiosity, drive, and creativity that defines the truly great analysts. But too often, those skills go underutilized as their time is spent on…
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A Journey through OKRs

[This article was first published in the Winter 2019 issue of Project – the official journal of the Association for Project Management (APM). For more information on APM, see] My OKR journey starts in Japan Japan seems to be an odd choice of location to start my OKR story. I’ve never visited. But an article in…
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Learning Lessons from Projects

Early in 2018 I met up with Ken Burrell from . He told me he was going to write a book. I said it sounded like a great idea, and that was that. Throughout my career, I’ve spoken to lots of people who are going to write a book. They all have great ideas.…
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The Definitive List of Agile Metrics

You could argue that if there were one single thing that you would expect PMOs to be good at, it would be Metrics. After all, PMOs often exalt the mantra that ‘the PMO is the single voice of truth!’. But while most PMO analysts could tell you that CPI = EV/AC and ROI = (Gain-Cost)/Cost,…
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Understanding Maps will help your Project Management Office (PMO) Career

This is not a Map This is in fact, a six different maps of Scotland, superimposed on each other. It was compiled by John Cowley in 1734 to demonstrate the variance between the maps available at the time, caused by clock and chronometers used by mapmakers speeding up and slowing down, by inaccurate measuring devices…
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There’s more to Project Reporting than producing a Report

I was speaking with Ken Burrell (PMO professional and blogger), Chris Walters (Senior PMO / portfolio consultant and mentor), and Nicole Reilly (Head of PMO, and the first person I go to when I need advice on PMO tooling). Ken told me that back in the day, when he was first working as a Project…
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PMO Training is coming of age

It wasn’t that long ago that the only training available to PMO professionals was Project Management training. It is true that studying for the Project Management Institute PMP® (Project Management Professional) and PRINCE2 Practitioner exams may be useful to PMO people from a control, compliance, and delivery perspective. But they do not cover the fundamental…
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