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Outsourcing the mundane PMO activities

Outsourcing the mundane, routine activities can help your team thrive. I’ve seen the same pattern across numerous PMO teams. Talented individuals are hired as PMO analysts because they have that certain spark, curiosity, drive, and creativity that defines the truly great analysts. But too often, those skills go underutilized as their time is spent on…
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Join PMO Professionals working from home at PMOwfh

Are you a PMO person working from home? Join us every Wednesday for #PMOWfh! With over half the world’s population now under some sort of lockdown, the majority of PMO analysts, PMO managers, and Portfolio managers have suddenly found themselves working from home. It is fair to say that some have taken this easier than…
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The most dangerous word in project management?

Unique is the most dangerous word in project management. It stunts our growth as a profession and starves us of learning lessons and applying continuous improvement techniques to project delivery. If you are involved in Project Management, you will almost certainly have come across the word ‘unique’ being used to describe projects or their deliverables.…
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Introduction to modern business project management

This introduction to project management explores what project management means in a modern business environment. This article is not about running major construction projects. Nor is it about delivering major infrastructure projects, such as HS2 or Crossrail. It is not about planning to put humans on Mars. No, this is about the type of project…
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New online Project Management Office (PMO) Courses for 2020!

HotPMO are super-excited to announce our new online training courses for 2020. We’ve been squirreled away in HotPMO HQ, generating the best original content to help PMO people turbo-charge their careers, their teams, and their organization’s pace of delivery in 2020. Why learn with us? Our HotPMO team have been in the PMO and project…
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UiPath delivery partner | RPA | Automation

HotPMO is now an RPA UiPath Delivery Partner. We at HotPMO have some exciting news. First, we have achieved Silver status in UiPath’s delivery partner program! UiPath is the leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company. The partner program recognizes partners as experts in supporting and delivering RPA solutions that drive real transformational outcomes…
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PMO London

Is London the best city in the world for PMO Professionals? There are many good reasons for living in London. There is history, music, and culture. There are frequent train connections to other European hubs. And, of course, there is the shopping and nightlife. All of these are excellent benefits. But for PMO Professionals, London…
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