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Outsourcing the mundane PMO activities

Outsourcing the mundane, routine activities can help your team thrive. I’ve seen the same pattern across numerous PMO teams. Talented individuals are hired as PMO analysts because they have that certain spark, curiosity, drive, and creativity that defines the truly great analysts. But too often, those skills go underutilized as their time is spent on…
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Becoming More Agile: The Benefits of an External Consultant

The pressure on organizations to remake themselves in an ever-changing competitive environment is palpable. Business leaders, academic theorists, and consulting gurus proclaim the mantra of agility as the certain, if not the only, path to survival. The old ways of doing business no longer work, rendered obsolete by new technology, consumer expectations, and precarious supply and…
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Data Versus Information in Agile Organizations

“Agility” is a widely accepted goal of modern organizations, the ideal response to a continually changing environment. Agility is an organization’s ability to understand the transformative forces in today’s environment, identify future opportunities and perils, and quickly adjust (or morph) to exploit the new conditions. Professor Julian Birkinshaw of the London School of Economics formally declared the…
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The Need for Project Leaders in the Post Covid-19 Economy

The economic consequences of Covid-19 are substantial. The World Bank predicts a 5.2% drop in global GDP, the deepest global recession in decades despite national governments extending trillions of dollars in aid. If outbreaks continue with restrictions on movement extended, more businesses will fail, the numbers of unemployed will soar, and recovery could be extended for years.…
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The Role of the Agile PMO in SAFe | Scaled Agile Framework

An enterprise-level business lives and dies by efficiency and agility. It’s a single company with multiple teams, offices, and divisions that all work together to create a profitable company that meets and exceeds its business goals.  Organizations seeking efficiency often look to agile delivery approaches. They introduce Scrum to software delivery teams – usually with…
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HotPMO are passionate about automation. That is why we have partnered with UiPath to bring you the best automation solutions to accelerate your business. Who are UiPath? UiPath are leaders in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) space. They describe their platform as the world’s first platform for hyperautomation. That sounds like a bold claim, but…
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The Ultimate Guide to Trello Automation

Are you are struggling with multiple boards and a backlog of Trello cards that need organizing, then this guide to Trello Automation is just what you need! Why automate Trello? Trello is a popular productivity tool that is used by many people to help them achieve their business goals. It is popular because it is…
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