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The Importance of Personal Networks

Ability versus Relationships “It’s not what you know, but who you know that matters.” Parents, teachers, politicians, and company executives often reject the idea that relationships matter more than knowledge. Even so, examples of favoritism versus merit abound in everyday society. The boy or girl who plays behind the less talented child of the Coach…
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Successful Project Failures

How do we define project success and project failure? A project is a series of coordinated, tangible, and intangible inputs and outputs intended to produce a specific outcome. Humans have engaged in big and small projects since the beginning of time, from the development of a stone ax to the erection of great skyscrapers. Despite…
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Capturing the Strategic advantage of Project Data

Data provided Great Britain a strategic advantage in World War II. Likewise, project data can provide your business strategic advantages today. As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information. Benjamin Disraeli (1804 – 1881), British Prime Minister Bletchley Park During the early days of World…
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HotPMO – our logo and brand

Our more regular readers and clients will recall that we undertook a significant rebrand towards the end of last year. HotPMO had started out as a PMO Blog. At the time, there weren’t many sites focused on the Project Management Office, and of those that existed, many were formal and focused on governance. HotPMO was…
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The Challenges of a Hybrid Working Environment

Much like farm families had to deal with sons returning from World War I, companies worldwide are struggling with the Covid-19 impact on the workforce and workplace. Work was necessarily transferred from the office to the home, accelerating a trend that appeared in the 1970s with “telecommuting.” Despite rosy projections that telecommuting would be the…
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How PMO Leaders can build on the momentum from the pandemic

The past 12 months have shown how crucial the PMO Director role is: Now the focus shifts to enabling talent and building project portfolios that deliver growth. The PMO on the front line The PMO Director has previously been seen by too many organizations as the person who generates reports and shows how far behind…
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